GRHC is a healthcare system uniquely qualified to culturally and competently serve Native Americans. With four healthcare facilities, 242 credentialed providers and comprehensive service lines offering 20 specialties and clinics, GRHC continues to grow.


Our patients are Native Americans from federally recognized tribal communities and our patient base is both new and established, requiring care across the lifespan.If you are new to our health care system and are searching for a provider to take care of your needs, please visit our providers pages to learn more.  


We are certified by the Joint Commission and CMS, making GRHC attractive to exceptional providers. Currently, we are seeking providers with excellent patient care skills and who have a team player mentality.  Click here is if you want to be part of a robust organization committed to changing lives of Native Americans.


Provider searches can be done by name, location, or specialty.  Please note that several of our providers work at more than one location, so an appointment can be made wherever they work.  Also, we occasionally have providers who are trained in more than one area, so make sure you are selecting the provider for the correct specialty.

If you know the location of the clinic that you would like to visit but don’t know the names of the providers who work there, click this button to take you to the list of providers at each location.

If you know the name of the provider but do not know their specialty or location, click this button to find out about that provider

If you know the specialty of the provider you are seeking but do not know the providers in that specialty, click this button to find out more about each provider in that specialty.