Students and Residents

Welcome students and residents!

Gila River Health Care is committed to providing exceptional training and educational experiences to future health care professionals.
Gila River Health Care is comprised of three clinic locations (Hu Hu Kam Memorial Hospital, Komatke Health Center, and Ak-Chin Clinic) and  provides a wide range of primary health care and specialty care services to its population.

The Hu Hu Kam Memorial Hospital is located in Sacaton, AZ which is 35 miles south of Phoenix, the Komatke Health Center, a freestanding ambulatory clinic, is located in the Village of Komatke of the Gila River Indian Community and the Ak-Chin Clinic for members of the Ak-Chin Indian Community in Maricopa, AZ and provides a number of comprehensive health services.

Our mission is to provide high-quality health care to the American Indian community and is delivered through the integral components of uniquely focused preventative, diagnostic, and therapeutic health services ordered for the Gila River and Ak-Chin Indian Communities, as well as for the American Indians who are enrolled members of federally recognized tribes of the United States.

Utilizing the Patient Family Team Model of health care delivery, GRHC promotes a healing environment that fosters the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness of our patients and families, effectively creating a patient-friendly atmosphere.

Training programs in the Gila River Health Care community are provided for the following:

Students and residents will gain valuable and memorable experiences at Gila River Health Care.

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