Quarantine and Guidelines

GRHC Visitor Guidelines

Update: November 23, 2022

To protect our patients and employees, Gila River Health Care patient visitation is suspended at all campus location.

Special accommodations may be granted for:

• Patients who require assistance due to physical, mental, or age-related disability

• One parent or guardian is allowed to accompany a minor child

• One visitor or guardian is allowed if required to provide safe medical care (e.g., an elder-requiring additional support or Native American interpreter)


  • Visitors must pass the GRHC screening process and comply with GRHC infection control policy and wear a mask before entrance into the facility will be allowed.

New Guidance on Isolation

Update: November 23, 2022

Home Isolation Guidance for People Who Test Positive or Have Symptoms Consistent with COVID-19*

If you test POSITIVE for COVID-19, you need to isolate at home for at least five days.


Wear well-fitting mask for a total of 10 days from day of positive test.


*If you have COVID-19 symptoms, isolate at home and get tested by your medical provider.

GRIC Executive Order No. 16 Regarding Coronavirus Pandemic

Update: October 6, 2022

Comprehensive Executive Order No. 16 Regarding Coronavirus Pandemic


For more information, visit gilariver.org

GRIC Phase Approach

Update: September 8, 2022

GRIC is now in Phase III:

• Indoor and Outdoor gatherings have no in-person limit provided physical distancing is maintained.
• Mandatory COVID-19 Surveillance Testing Not Required.
• No Travel restrictions.
• No closures.
• GRIC Schools continue to follow their approved COVID-19 School Re-opening plans.
For more information, visit gilariver.org