Emergency Medical Services

Gila River EMS (GREMS) was established in 1974 and is a community sworn, primary responder, multi-hazard, emergency medical services department within the Gila River Indian Community covering nearly 600 square miles. Our role is part of both public safety and healthcare as a department of Gila River Health Care. We work very closely with our public safety partners (Fire, Police, Corrections, Dispatch, Emergency Management) and by government directive are charged as the lead provider of emergency medical services for the Community. We take this responsibility and duty very seriously, hiring only highly motivated employees who are willing to serve with respect and dignity and provide the best patient care possible. Our EMTs and Paramedics are simply the best!

COVID-19 Update:

We are proud of how our staff is handling the COVID-19 pandemic as they respond to calls every day fighting tirelessly against this invisible enemy and standing their ground! Aside from the incredible patient care our staff are providing to the community we also support the Governor’s Task Force/Incident Management Team with Chief Rainbolt as the ESF 14 Coordinator, Deputy Chief Knight as the Planning Section Chief and Division Chief Peterson as the GRHC IMT Incident Commander. This Task Force was created January 29, 2020 and while these times have been some of the busiest and most stressful of our all of our careers they have also been some of the most rewarding as we watch our staff and the community conquer this enemy. For more information on the COVID-19 Task Force click here

EMS Organizational Chart


EMS Main Office:

433W. Seed Farm Road

Sacaton, Arizona 85147

EMS Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 67 | Sacaton, AZ 85147

(520) 796-4586  email

EMS Billing:

(602) 528-1205

EMS Community Education / CPR:

(520) 796-4592  email

EMS Standby Request:

(520) 796-4585 email

EMS East Battalion Chief:  

Supervisor: (520) 796-4591

EMS West Battalion Chief:

Supervisor: (520) 796-4594

EMS Chief:

Kurt Rainbolt (520) 796-4588 email

Deputy Chief:

Kevin Knight Special Operations  (520) 796-4585  email

Division Chief:

Chris Riddle Operations  (520) 796-4590  email

Division Chief:

Tamara Nacho Logistics  (520) 796-4584  email

Division Chief:

Daniel Atchison  Support Services  (520) 796-4571  email

Division Chief:

Patrick Peterson  Professional Standards  (520) 796-4589  email

Taining Program Manager

Louis Aragon  Professional Standards  (520) 796-4596  email

Outreach / Training Supervisor

Grace Watson Professional Standards  (520) 796-4592 email

Medical Director

Ryan Southworth, DO  (520) 796-4587 email

Pre Hospital Coordinator

Barb Schaffer, RN  (520) 796-4599 email