Important Fitness Information

Life Center Fitness Services Are Ready to Help You Get Healthy and Fit!

To participate in Life Center Fitness Services:

• Referrals are NOT required!

• You do need to complete Covid Screening upon entering each facility – you will be given a green wrist band

• A mask must be worn at all times while in the fitness facility

• All participants must complete an Intake Packet, by appointment, with a Fitness Trainer

Training options include:

  1. Personal training – all activities performed with a trainer (Pre-assessment, Goal Setting, Fitness Activity Plan and Workout Routine Design, Workout Sessions, Post-assessment)
  2. Fitness Coaching – same as Personal Training except unsupervised workouts
  3. Independent Workouts – unsupervised workouts and no additional trainer services

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Abbot Freestyle Libre Device

To determine if the Reader needs to be replaced, please have your patient answer the following questions:



1. Does the Reader appear damaged or cracked?

2. Do you see any swelling in your Reader?

3. Has the Reader been too hot to hold?

4. Is the Reader no longer able to hold a charge (for example, does it turn off unexpectedly or immediately after charging?)

If the patient answered NO to all the above questions and is still concerned, perform a quick Reader Test.


Touch the Settings symbol from the Home screen, select System Status, and then select Reader Test. The Reader Test will perform internal diagnostics, allowing the patient to check that the display, sounds, and touchscreen are working correctly. For further instructions on how to perform a Reader Test, visit

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