EMS Honor Guard

Under the Command of Division Chief Tamara Nacho the Honor Guard was established in 2014 and currently has 7 members.

We are the first and only known Tribal EMS Honor Guard.

The purpose of the Honor Guard is to represent Gila River EMS in an effort to show our respect, gratitude, pride, and integrity and to portrayan image of discipline and professionalism. We also want to raise public awareness of EMS as a public safety department dedicated to the interests of the community.

honor guard group


honor guard 1

Division Chief Tamara Nacho, Commander

Being the Honor Guard Commander gives me the opportunity to represent the Gila River Indian Community and Gila River EMS when called upon for ceremonial services. It is important and a privilege to show respect when laying our fallen brothers and sisters of public safety to rest. Because of this I hold the duties of the Honor Guard Commander to the highest standards.

honor guard2

EMT David Heath, Detail Commander

For me, the Honor Guard is more than the uniforms or parades, it’s about paying respect to those who have come before us and paid the ultimate price.  It’s about honoring our timeless traditions and our brothers and sisters throughout all aspects of the public safety family.  It also allows me to be a part of the traditions and ceremonies within the Gila River Indian Community by paying respect to community members as well as their families.  It was a privilege for me to be allowed to start as well as command the Honor Guard and it is one of the things in my career that I’m most proud of.”

honor guard3

 EMT Christopher Holsinger, Detail Commander

As a member of Gila River EMS and veteran of the United States Marine Corps it gives me the opportunity to honor the men and woman in public safety and those who made the ultimate sacrifice for someone they did not know and to honor the members of the Gila River Indian Community that I proudly serve.

honor guard4

Paramedic Daniel Atchison

I wanted to be on the Honor Guard to be able to further represent the Gila River Indian Community and Gila River EMS in a professional and positive manner. It is an honor in itself to be chosen to be an Honor Guard member.

honor guard5

Paramedic Brodie Carr

I already serve the Gila River Indian Community as a paramedic. I wanted to serve it more and be able to serve the ones that have served the Gila River Indian Community.

honor guard6

EMT Ramon Contreras

I wanted to join the Honor Guard because I felt this was a great way to represent our department and I am very proud of where I work. I also felt it would help me grow as a person. It has been an honor to serve as a member of the Gila River EMS Honor Guard.

honor guard7

EMT Deanna Corder

It is rewarding for me to be able to represent our department in this capacity. I believe that the honor guard brings tradition and respect to our services and those we serve. The pride, integrity, and uniformity is a way that I can show my honor.

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