GRHC Eyeglass Assistance Program

GRHC administers eye examinations to GRIC members seeking optometry services. GRHC provides optometry services at both Hu Hu Kam Memorial Hospital and Komatke Health Center.

Gila River Health Care through Tobacco Tax funds established the Eyeglass Assistance Program, and provides one free pair of prescription eyeglasses per year to GRIC members. Patients nearing blindness may benefit from the purchase of special magnifiers, and other optometric devices to help maximize the use of their remaining vision. The program also funds the purchase of low vision aids for GRIC members who suffer from reduced vision.

A GRHC Optometrist can determine the need for eyeglasses and low vision aids that would best serve the patient. They will also review cases requiring special consideration for determining extension of additional benefits, such as medically-necessary tints for non-seniors.

For more information, speak to your GRHC optometrist or contact Optometry (520) 562-3321 ext. 7960.

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