Front Entrance Construction

Front-Entrance-Construction-BannerHHKMH Front Entrance PictureIn an effort to address the shortage of patient treatment space, expansion and remodeling efforts are underway at Hu Hu Kam Memorial Hospital. Once construction is completed, these projects will help fulfill our mission and vision and will greatly enhance the patient experience to include improved patient privacy, accessibility, safety, security, and convenient access.Since the Main Entrance to HHKMH is closed until the summer of 2017, there are some important things to know.

1. If you are parking on the north side of HHKMH, you should enter at the newly-established, Temporary Entrance located on the east side of the hospital or the entrance located by Dental.

2. If you are a walk-in patient, you will need to check-in at the new, Temporary Registration Desk all clinic days except for Saturday.

IMPORTANT – Saturdays only, the Temporary Registration desk in the Temporary Lobby will be closed.

On Saturdays, you will need to check-in at the Main Registration Desk.

3. If you have an appointment and you park in the north lot, you should go through the New Temporary Entrance or the entrance located by Dental.

4. Primary Care patients with appointments or who are visiting Medical Imaging and Lab should check-in at the Main Registration Desk.

5. Patients visiting the Pharmacy may use any entrance and do not need to stop at either Registration Desk.


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