Measles – Important Information

Confirmed Cases of Measles in Arizona Is Increasing
Measles Is An Extremely Contagious Disease!
(According to ADHS and Maricopa and Pinal County Public Health Services)


Typical Symptoms Include:
· Fever (101F degrees or higher), red and watery eyes, cough, and a runny nose.
· After a few days, a raised, red, and blotchy rash that starts at the hairline and spreads down the body may appear.measles
· Symptoms can begin up to 21 days after being exposed to an infected person.
· A person is infectious as soon as symptoms appear and up to 4 days after the rash goes away.

Exposed to measles or not vaccinated? CALL BEFORE arriving to the health care facility:
· To eliminate the possible spread of measles.
· To receive special instructions about how and when to visit the health care facility.

Measles can be prevented:
· By vaccine (2 MMR – Measles, Mumps, and Rubella – vaccines).

· If you have had measles previously.
· If you were born before 1957 and received 1 MMR vaccine.

To review a list of dates, times, and locations visited by an infectious person, visit

For more information, contact Marcy Hamblin
Infection Prevention Specialist
(520) 562-3321 ext. 1556.

For additional extensive information, please visit the Arizona Department of Health Services website.

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