New Electronic Health Record

Gila River Health Care (NextGen/Dentrix/Optix)
Patient Notice – Implementation of New Electronic Health Record Software
Effective Late October 2016


In an effort to positively enhance your experience at Gila River Health Care, we are continuing to make improvements by introducing new software. This new software will help your provider team keep your electronic health records (digital version of a patient’s paper chart) safe and accurate. We will start slow, involving only a few clinics at a time, and eventually getting all the hospital clinics online by May 2017.

During this time, we respectfully request your patience and understanding while we transition to the new software.

Why New Software?
• Your provider teams across all of our locations are dedicated to keeping your health records safe and accurate. Once GRHC transitions to the new software, your authorized providers will be able to access your electronic health records instantly.
• Beginning October, 2016, some GRHC departments (Dental, Optometry, and Physical Therapy) provider teams will begin their transition to the new software.

How Will This Affect My Patient Care?
• In some cases, you may experience longer than expected wait times while providers transition your files to the new software.

How Long Will This Transition Last?
• We will make every effort to make this time period as brief as possible. We anticipate weeks, not months.

Thanks again for your understanding. Should you have questions, please contact the Customer Service Department at: (602) 528-1453.

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